Keeping Secrets in Seattle - Brooke Moss There were some good parts. It was a little too "My Best Friend's Wedding" for me.
For Everly - Raine Thomas I really enjoyed this sweet romance with a little suspense thrown in. I really liked the characters and the plot in general. The book flowed well from start to finish and held my attention. The mystery added another interesting aspect to the story.

The characters in the book are really well developed and easy to like. I really appreciated the way the relationship between Cole and Everly developed. They are such an unlikely pair yet the attraction is apparent from the start. I found myself rooting for them from the start.

This is a fun and easy read. It is written very tastefully. The author’s writing style is very engaging. This is her first book in this particular genre and it is very well done. I will be looking forward to more of her books in this genre.
A White Room - Stephanie  Carroll I LOVED this book...more thoughts to come in my full review.
Complicit (Middle English Edition) - Gillian E Hamer This is another nail-biting thriller that grabs you and doesn’t let you go. They just keep getting better and better. I continue to be most impressed with Hamer’s ability to weave historical facts into a modern crime story. The historical element was a Roman invasion of the island Mona Insulis, an attempt to destroy the Druids. The parallel stories are expertly interwoven and independently compelling.

This is the third book that features the team of detectives in North Wales. They are a wonderfully flawed bunch but their investigative skills are exceptional. The supporting characters were intriguing and essential to the plot. I found I was able to identify the killer fairly early, which is unusual for a Hamer book, but the ending surprised me none the less.

There is always an element of historical fiction in Hamer’s books but it was far more prevalent in this book than in the others. I felt it really gave us a look into the true nature of the ancient Druids. It was also a very vital part of the plot as a whole.

This is a book I would definitely recommend. Hamer’s knowledge of the region of North Wales and its history shines through in her writing. She has a talent for making the reader feel like they are a part of the landscape. I am anxious to see what comes next.

Tin God (A Southern Mystery) (Delta Crossroads)

Tin God - Stacy Green I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a truly gripping thriller that pulled me in from the start. Just when I thought I had it figured out, the story twisted in another direction. In the end, I can honestly say I never saw it coming. It was a total, “OMG, NO WAY!!” moment. Nicely done, Ms. Green.

The characters in this book are complex and realistic. They were all painstakingly created and very human. I appreciated the fact that Jaymee was a strong woman who confronted her vulnerabilities with courage. I liked her.

I really liked the fact that the romance did not distract from the main plot of the book. It was handled very elegantly. I enjoyed watching the relationship develop and the conflicting emotions both Nick and Jaymee wrestled with. Again, it was really well done.

I would definitely recommend this book. It is the first in the Delta Crossroads series. I really like the small-town, southern feel of this series. I am anxious to read the next installment to the series when it comes out.
The Bridge Club - Patricia Sands This is a lovely story. The camaraderie and mutual support of the characters is very authentic. It never felt forced or fake. Each of the women had their unique personalities that stayed consistent throughout.

In spite of this, I did not really enjoy this book. I struggled to discover why this was and identified a couple of reasons. They are purely mechanical but they mattered to me. First was the organization of the book. It felt like a group of disjointed stories containing the same set of characters. It just did not flow well for me. The other reason was the length of the chapters. I really have a hard time with chapters that are 30 to 40 pages long. I honestly thought that each of the chapters could have been split into several, more manageable, chapters.

My personal experience is unique and does not stop me from recommending this book to others. It has a wonderful message and addresses issues that are relevant.
Ripple A Tale of Hope and Redemption - E.L. Farris Full review in progress
The Charter - Gillian E Hamer This is a magnificently woven tale. Take a treasure hunt, add in a little murder, a little mayhem, and, oh yes, a ghost, and you get a nail-biting adventure. I am more than a little impressed with how this author blends so many components into a cohesive unit. I don’t want to stop reading and know that, in the end, she will surprise but not disappoint me.

The characters in this book are interesting, complex, and likable. I appreciated how Hamer incorporated the story and POV of Angelina, the ghost. In fact, it was the prologue that immediately pulled me into this story. She is used effectively throughout the book to add atmosphere and context to the overall story. It is obvious Hamer has extensive knowledge of and a deep connection with this area of North Wales. Her descriptions make the landscape as much a part of the story as the characters.

I highly recommend reading this book. It is a great blend of several genres and would be appealing to a wide audience. This is the second book by this author I have read and I fully intend to read more.
Gift of the Raven - Catriona Troth Sometimes less is more. When a novella is well-written it can tell a deep, meaningful tale that is full and comprehensive. Gift of the Raven is such a book. Although it could have been a full length novel, I feel it would have lost a lot of its focus. It is a quick read but definitely not a light one. It is rich with feeling and intensity. At times it broke my heart but, ultimately, it was uplifting.

Terry immediately captured my heart. His strength of spirit is evident from the beginning. His resilience is admirable. He is a fantastically drawn character on a compelling journey.

I would absolutely recommend this novella. It is an outstanding debut for an author who appears to have immense talent. I will be keeping my eyes open for future works.
The Double Bind - Chris Bohjalian I was so totally blown away by the ending. I was NOT expecting it and had to go back and try to see what I missed. WOW...just WOW!
Closure - Gillian Hamer This is a fast paced, edge of your seat thrill ride. It grabbed my attention from the start and didn’t let go at any point. I didn’t want to put it down and was genuinely ticked off when I was forced to put it down.

This is such a well crafted book. It is a great mix of crime thriller with a dash of paranormal thrown in. The dual plot is handled expertly. There are plenty of unexpected twists and turns along the way to keep the reader completely engaged in the story. The ultimate collision of the two stories brings about a surprising and dramatic conclusion that does not disappoint. I was truly surprised when the killer was revealed.

I highly recommend this book. Hamer blends nail-biting suspense with rich historical and cultural references for a well-rounded story. Although this is a stand alone book, apparently the investigative team is featured in two other books. I plan to read them both.
Her Sister's Shadow - Katharine Britton This is a great book. It started a bit slow for me but soon I was pulled into the story and engrossed in the family mystery. It was obvious that there was a great deal of tension and hostility between Lilli and Bea and I was anxious to find out about the cause. The chapters go back and forth in time and the story is “revealed” masterfully. It is not fast paced but it is definitely a riveting tale. I found that not everything was as obvious as I had assumed.

The characters in the book are wonderfully complex. It is told mainly from Lilli’s point of view but the author gives us tiny glimpses of the other sisters thoughts at key points. Their relationships are realistic and just as complex as the characters themselves. Their diversity added plenty of depth to the story.

I would recommend this book highly. It is a meaningful look at family dynamics and the unique bond of sisters. The ending is surprising and satisfying. You will not be disappointed in the time invested in reading this book. Fantastic debut. I will look forward to reading more from Ms. Britton.
Out of Focus - Nancy Naigle I really liked this book. It was a little more focused on mystery than romance. It is the second book in a series but could really have been a standalone book. The first book introduced us to Adams Grove and I expected to spend more time there. I was a little disappointed that I had to wait until almost halfway through the book to find any connection or mention of Adams Grove. I was also disappointed not to have been able to see more of the characters in the first book in this one.

That being said, I actually enjoyed the mystery in this book more than the first one. The romance is handled well given the subject matter surrounding the story. The characters are again well developed and likable in general. I liked how the relationships developed throughout the story. Although the timeline of the story was not always clear it was still quite easy to follow the plot. It was not quite as easy to identify the perpetrator in this story as it was in the first book.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a light mystery with a little romance and suspense added to the mix. Although this is the second book in the series, I believe these two can be read in any order. My overall rating for this one is 3.5 stars. I am looking forward to the third in the series.
Sweet Tea and Secrets - Nancy Naigle This was a fast, easy summer read. I really enjoyed the flow and pace of the story. It is a sweet love story with some mystery and suspense thrown in to keep it interesting. It is set in a southern town filled with great charm. The story itself holds a special kind of charm. It was just easy to become swept away by the story.

The characters are well developed. They are easy to connect to and lovable for the most part. The villain is easy to hate and reveals himself early. I was rooting for Jill and Garrett the whole time. Although Pearl is not physically present during the entire story, she still plays a significant role in the plot.

This book is charming and delightful. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a quick, light read for the summer. The humor that is liberally dispersed throughout the book makes it a really fun read. This is the first book of the Adams Grove series. It will be fun to read what comes next.
The Promise of Provence: A Novel - Patricia Sands I wanted to like this book more than I did. I was never fully engaged with the story. The side story that was included was more of a distraction for me and I never fully understood what it had to do with the story. The story seemed a little disjointed and was not easy for me to read.

I never really connected with Katherine. I felt like she never really allowed me to know her and that made it difficult to understand her. There were moments in the book where I thought there might be a breakthrough but it never really happened for me.

Perhaps I was not the right audience for this book. I didn’t dislike it and was able to finish reading it. It was not a bad book just not fully enjoyable for me.
True - Melinda Field This is a lovely and captivating book. It is both heartbreaking and uplifting. Melinda Field writes with depth and wisdom. The structure and flow of the book is unique and wonderful. It really enhances the overall theme of the book.

The characters in this book are rich and diverse. Each possesses incredible strength and integrity in very individual ways. I loved watching them change gradually as they dealt with their individual struggles. I enjoyed watching how they interacted and supported each other as well. Perhaps most of all, I really appreciated the way each faced her vulnerabilities with courage. I respected all of them very much because of this.

This is an excellent book and a very worthy read. I was touched by each of the women and from the book overall. I would recommend this book to anybody who enjoys quality fiction. I hope that Ms. Field will continue sharing her wisdom through quality books like True.