The Bridge Club - Patricia Sands This is a lovely story. The camaraderie and mutual support of the characters is very authentic. It never felt forced or fake. Each of the women had their unique personalities that stayed consistent throughout.

In spite of this, I did not really enjoy this book. I struggled to discover why this was and identified a couple of reasons. They are purely mechanical but they mattered to me. First was the organization of the book. It felt like a group of disjointed stories containing the same set of characters. It just did not flow well for me. The other reason was the length of the chapters. I really have a hard time with chapters that are 30 to 40 pages long. I honestly thought that each of the chapters could have been split into several, more manageable, chapters.

My personal experience is unique and does not stop me from recommending this book to others. It has a wonderful message and addresses issues that are relevant.