Sweet Tea and Secrets - Nancy Naigle This was a fast, easy summer read. I really enjoyed the flow and pace of the story. It is a sweet love story with some mystery and suspense thrown in to keep it interesting. It is set in a southern town filled with great charm. The story itself holds a special kind of charm. It was just easy to become swept away by the story.

The characters are well developed. They are easy to connect to and lovable for the most part. The villain is easy to hate and reveals himself early. I was rooting for Jill and Garrett the whole time. Although Pearl is not physically present during the entire story, she still plays a significant role in the plot.

This book is charming and delightful. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a quick, light read for the summer. The humor that is liberally dispersed throughout the book makes it a really fun read. This is the first book of the Adams Grove series. It will be fun to read what comes next.