Her Sister's Shadow - Katharine Britton This is a great book. It started a bit slow for me but soon I was pulled into the story and engrossed in the family mystery. It was obvious that there was a great deal of tension and hostility between Lilli and Bea and I was anxious to find out about the cause. The chapters go back and forth in time and the story is “revealed” masterfully. It is not fast paced but it is definitely a riveting tale. I found that not everything was as obvious as I had assumed.

The characters in the book are wonderfully complex. It is told mainly from Lilli’s point of view but the author gives us tiny glimpses of the other sisters thoughts at key points. Their relationships are realistic and just as complex as the characters themselves. Their diversity added plenty of depth to the story.

I would recommend this book highly. It is a meaningful look at family dynamics and the unique bond of sisters. The ending is surprising and satisfying. You will not be disappointed in the time invested in reading this book. Fantastic debut. I will look forward to reading more from Ms. Britton.