The Charter - Gillian E Hamer This is a magnificently woven tale. Take a treasure hunt, add in a little murder, a little mayhem, and, oh yes, a ghost, and you get a nail-biting adventure. I am more than a little impressed with how this author blends so many components into a cohesive unit. I don’t want to stop reading and know that, in the end, she will surprise but not disappoint me.

The characters in this book are interesting, complex, and likable. I appreciated how Hamer incorporated the story and POV of Angelina, the ghost. In fact, it was the prologue that immediately pulled me into this story. She is used effectively throughout the book to add atmosphere and context to the overall story. It is obvious Hamer has extensive knowledge of and a deep connection with this area of North Wales. Her descriptions make the landscape as much a part of the story as the characters.

I highly recommend reading this book. It is a great blend of several genres and would be appealing to a wide audience. This is the second book by this author I have read and I fully intend to read more.