It was unique

Cooley & Rose - Terry Perrel

This book really didn’t do much for me.  I had a hard time getting into it and it really did not hold my attention.  It has a unique storyline, but it never really gained my interest.  I was also very disappointed with the ending.  It didn’t fit with the whole story.  I really didn’t think that anything was resolved.  It just ended.  Done.  Finished.


Overall, character development in the book was pretty good.  I could not stand the main character, Rose.  She irritated me and was generally unlikeable.  By the time I started to see changes in her, I didn’t care any more.  I never really cared for Cooley, either, but he was a little more tolerable to me.  The changes he went through were a little more believable.  My favorite character was Johnnie Rae.  She was a secondary character in the story but I felt more interested in and connected to her than any of the others.


This was not a terrible book but I didn’t really enjoy it.  It is Ms. Perrel’s debut novel.  I see promise in her writing and hope that she can refine her style a little in the future.  I would probably consider reading more of her work.