Mistaken: First Impressions Are Never What They Seem

Mistaken: First Impressions Are Never What They Seem - Karen   Barnett I enjoyed this book. I didn’t realize until I got it that it was a Christian Fiction book. What attracted me to the book was the cover first, then the time period and geographic setting. I had worried it would be a little “preachy” for me. I was pleasantly surprised by it. Overall, I thought it was a strong and interesting story. I was pulled in from the start.

The characters in the book were well developed and believable. I liked that they were not overly righteous and acknowledged their own faults and shortcomings. There was an interesting dynamic with all the different characters and how they interacted. I enjoyed watching their relationships develop. The internal dialog and conflicting emotions made the story compelling. I have to admit, the happily ever after ending was satisfying after what they went through to get there.

I would recommend this book. You don’t have to be a fan of Christian Fiction to enjoy it. It was not overly religious, just a clean, sweet romance. There are some biblical references, but they are sparingly and appropriately used for each situation. All in all, very well done.