Treasure Me - Christine Nolfi This book was an absolute pleasure to read. It is a charming tale of hidden treasure and new beginnings. The story was engaging and very entertaining. It was hard for me to put down. I was always wanting to read “just one more chapter.”

I was enchanted by the small town of Liberty, Ohio and its wonderfully quirky residents. I fell in love with the town and, most of all, The Second Chance Grill. It was great how Ms. Nolfi weaved the history of the town into the story. The sexual tension between Birdie and Hugh added an interesting dimension to the story as a whole.

I absolutely loved all of the characters. From the skillet-wielding Finney to the gun-toting Theodora, the quirky cast of characters was great fun to read about. Of course the main character, Birdie Kaminsky, captured my heart from the outset. I loved witnessing her transformation as the story progressed. In the end, she finds a treasure far more precious than what she set out to find.

I would absolutely recommend this book. Christine Nolfi is an immensely talented storyteller and this book is just one example of her talent.