So Sweet and Charming

Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes - Nancy Naigle


I had so much fun reading this book.  It is an absolutely charming and sweet romance.  There is a little mystery added in just to keep things interesting.  What would Adams Grove be without a little mystery?  I love this charming little southern town.



This is the third book in the series but, so far, it is my favorite.  This book really focused on the developing relationship of Connor and Carolanne rather than focusing on the mystery as in the past books.  My one disappointment was how the reconciliation between Carolanne and her father, Ben, was handled. I was honestly expecting more conflict and struggle between these two.


I really enjoyed being back in Adams Grove for this book.  It was fun spending time with these wonderful characters again.  This is such a great series of books and I recommend it for anyone who enjoys a light, enjoyable read.  Although, the first two books can be read in any order, you will want to read “Sweet Tea and Secrets” before this one or you might find yourself a little lost.