Unsound - Toby Neal


Only a volcano can cure some things. Dr. Caprice Wilson, police psychologist, has spent her life unraveling the mysteries of the human mind-only to find herself in a deep crisis. Caprice prescribes herself a walkabout and goes hiking on Maui-but the solitary retreat she has in mind does not go as planned. Caprice faces an enemy she never knew she had and wrestles with questions of hope, identity, loss, and the nature of psychopathy in a cat-and-mouse game with survival at stake.


My review:

This was a pretty good book but it fell short in a couple of ways for me.  It is categorized as a mystery but the description kind of sets it up as a suspense-thriller.  Although it was an interesting story, it was neither a mystery nor suspenseful for me.  I thought I was getting on the rollercoaster but found myself on the scenic tour train instead.  There were a couple of scenes where things got kind of intense but I never really ever felt the urgency that is characteristic with suspense.  There was really no mystery to solve either.


I realize that this is fiction, but it should have some level of plausibility to it.  I cannot say too much about it without spoiling it, but the circumstances behind Caprice’s “solitary retreat” were completely unbelievable to me.  Supposedly, Bruce has had lots of experience with this in the past, yet he lets her go off on her merry way with no more than a promise.  Sure, right, that’s gonna happen.  This was the major inconsistency that spoiled things for me but there were other little things that just made me shake my head.


I gave this book 3.5 stars because, once I got over my disappointment, it was actually quite easy to read.  I didn’t feel like setting the book aside and not finishing.  It is a quick read, and like I said, it is an interesting story.  The characters are interesting and so very human.  I found myself attached to Caprice and I cared about what happened to her.  I liked her.  Oddly, I actually found myself liking Russell which made me wonder if perhaps I had Stockholm.  It is evident that Toby Neal possesses tremendous talent as I really enjoyed her writing in general.  I have two of her books from the Lei Crime series she wrote and fully intend to read them.