The Baker's Daughter - Sarah McCoy This is a poignant tale that spans decades and shows us what true courage and beauty is. I really loved this book from prologue to epilogue. I was transported to a different time and place, and back, flawlessly. Ms. McCoy did a masterful job of using letter writing and email correspondence to help tell the story. She wove two parallel stories into one cohesive unit. She even included the recipes for the breads referred to throughout the book.

The thing I love about historical fiction is that once in a while, I learn something new. I was vaguely aware that the SS ran a “breeding” program during the Nazi regime. This book really gives us a look at what the Lebensborn program was really about including the affect of the “education” of the children.

The characters in this book are very easy to connect with and very likable. Although the story revolves around Elsie and Reba, all of the people in their lives play intricate roles in the story as a whole. We get to know them through their relationships as well as directly.

This is a definite must read if you like historical fiction. I have nothing but high praise for Ms. McCoy for a beautifully written story. I do hope she continues to write novels of this caliber.