The Pitman's Daughter - Marjorie DeLuca I really enjoyed this vivid tale. Ms. DeLuca transported me to a different time and place so brilliantly that I almost felt that I was right on Crag Street experiencing life alongside these dynamic characters. Although they had hard lives, the sense of community came shining through.

The characters in this book are very skillfully created. They are all very authentic and unforgettable. I really appreciated how realistic their relationships with each other are represented. I also particularly liked that the author used genuine dialect for the dialog and included footnotes for the meaning of some of the words and phrases she used.

I would highly recommend reading this book. It flows very well from start to finish. Ms. DeLuca does a fantastic job of spanning decades without becoming tedious. She is a very talented author with fantastic story-telling abilities. I really look forward to seeing what she may write next.